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  • Three Ways You Are Ruining Your Brew

    Making great coffee at home is easy and involves changing some bad habits that are ruining your morning brew.   Take action against the following bad habits and you'll see immediate improvement.
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  • Brewing Methods And Coffee Filters

    There are many ways to brew coffee and different brew methods can change the flavor of the coffee but how exactly?   Coffee body is one of the key elements to how much you enjoy the coffee and the primary way you can control body is through the filter.   But what is "body" in a coffee?  Body refers to the mouth-feel of the coffee.  A coffee with more body has more soluble lipids in the cup.  These lipids are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the coffee and since coffee is intrinsicly bitter, more lipids equal more bitterness....

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  • Brewing By Weight

    When I brew coffee I always brew by weight instead of by volume.  This is a more accurate and consistent way to measure your water-to-coffee ratio, which I like to keep between 16 - 20:1 (usually 17:1 for my taste). Weigh your coffee before you grind it for better accuracy and weigh it again after you've added it to the pot to make sure you're not leaving any grounds behind in the grinder.   With the Chemex, you should start by pouring about 100g of water first and let the coffee "bloom."  This is where the coffee lets off a...

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  • Coffee Brewing Tips

    If you follow these simple rules for making coffee, you'll get a consistent, delicious cup of coffee every time.  

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