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  • Coffee Brewing Gear; A Buying Guide

    For the last several weeks we've been really enjoying our booth at the West End Farmer's Market and the main reason we love it is because it gets us in direct contact with you folks, where you can ask us questions and we can talk coffee all day.   The most consistent theme of questions is about the gear we use to brew our coffee.   I prefer a clean cup of coffee so my choices in green coffee, my roasting techniques, and my brewing gear all reflect that.  My daily brewer and the workhorse at the farmer's market is the Chemex....

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  • Unboxing The Able Brewing System

    Late last year I supported the Able Brewing System on Kickstarter.  It's been fun following Keith's progress through the venture. I've been a fan of Able's Kone filter and I also have two of his Aeropress filters, which are great.   This month my Brewing System arrived and I must say, Able understands packaging like Apple does — the packaging is always clean and elegant.   But packaging isn't all Able does well.  The Brewing System is also clean and elegant-looking in white ceramic.  This is something that will look nice at a the table when you are entertaining guests....

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