Oil Slick was my first coffee-roasting business.  Late in 2012 I bought a gas-fired coffee roaster with a 1-kilogram capacity and installed it in our home in Alexandria, Virginia.  A few months later I bought a business license and by mid-summer of 2013 Oil Slick Coffee was selling coffee at a local farmer's market.  

My focus was on sharing single-origin, specialty coffee, allowing one to experience the unique flavor characteristics imparted on the coffee by the local soil, local climate, local farm elevation, etc — everything that makes up the local terroir.  Terroir is what makes an Ethiopian coffee explode with hints of berries or a Sumatran coffee to be full of earthy, nutty flavors.  

However, by spring of 2014, my wife was offered a position in Singapore, which we accepted. By mid-summer, we had moved to south-east Asia, where we currently live. 

We are no longer selling roasted coffee and instead, I am focusing on training and working with coffee farmers in the region. You can follow my progress or explore my training options at my homepage: http://OilslickCoffee.com