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This information is provided for historical purposes only. Oil Slick is not currently selling retail coffee in the U.S. For more information, see the blog post titled Change Is Brewing.
  • Panama Elida Natural

    Panama Elida Natural
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  • Elida Estates is the second highest coffee farm in Panama and it has several unique factors that contribute to the incredible coffee it produces.  The terroir, or local coffee environment includes rich volcanic soil, a significant amount of mist and fog during the dry season and a cooler climate.  Because of the lower temperatures, the cherries take longer to ripen, thus creating a more developed coffee bean. 

    Enjoy flavors of light rum with touches of fruit; strawberry, blueberry and blackberry along with tones of orange and chocolate. It has a great body with sweet acidity, making it a well balanced coffee.

  • $17.00

Producer: Lamastus Family
Country: Panama
Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Varietal/Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Naturally Processed
Elevation: 1750 Meters
Tasting Notes: Light rum, touches of fruit; strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and tones of orange and chocolate